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2014 Report:North Carolina Regional and Statewide Strategies for Comprehensive Community and Economic Development

Four Broad Goals for North Carolina


Build on each Region’s Competitive Advantages and Leverage the Marketplace

Recommended Statewide Policy

To achieve true prosperity, North Carolina successfully coordinates efforts to build, grow and maintain robust, competitive areas of proficiency and innovation throughout the state.

This strategy supports the continued evolution of existing clusters within the state as employers. It is also aimed at supporting disruptive technologies and business models that could help North Carolina leapfrog their global competitors.

  • Targeting the State’s Growth Clusters
  • Promoting Disruptive Advantages to Create Growth Opportunities “Beyond Clusters.”


Establish and Maintain a Robust Regional Infrastructure

Recommended Statewide Policy

To remain competitive in a growing global economy, North Carolina makes the revitalization and improvement of state and local infrastructure a priority for funding.

This strategy focuses on the fact that while North Carolina has many infrastructure assets, the full capacity of its infrastructure has not been fully realized. North Carolina will become more competitive when businesses, entrepreneurs and residents are able to make use of a well-coordinated and robust regional transportation, water/sewer/gas, broadband, housing, energy and natural environment infrastructures such a national parks and forests.


Create Revitalized, Healthy and Vibrant Communities

Recommended Statewide Policy

To meet the needs of employers and resident alike, North Carolina strives to increase the number of healthy and dynamic communities.

This strategy focuses on the fact that both urban and rural communities must actively build on unique advantages to revitalize and/or maintain their city and town centers. This will require not only creating environments where businesses want to locate, but also as places where people of all ages want to spend time personally and professionally.


Develop Talented and Innovative People

Recommended Statewide Policy

Workforce is a key competitive asset for the 21st. Century businesses, and North Carolina strives to prepare the flexible, entrepreneurial, globally-oriented, and skilled workers sought by employers.

This strategy is based on North Carolina’s incredible asset base which can build a globally competitive talent pipeline. The state has a high-quality university system and a nationally-recognized community college system. In addition, the state’s Workforce Development Boards provide an opportunity for private sector leaders to help identify regional labor needs, guide workforce and education investments, and develop targeted training programs.